PCI Security Standards are mandatory rules intended to ensure that payment information is kept safe and secure. These industry-wide requirements evolve over time as payment security changes. As you may have heard, the PCI Security Council recently announced a major change to these standards and it could have a big impact on your business.

In short, this change to PCI security requirements has deemed that SSL encryption, which has been the standard for decades, is no longer PCI compliant due to vulnerabilities in this protocol. This means that virtually every POS system older than a few months will require a costly security upgrade no later than June 2018.

Harbortouch offers a secure solution to replace your current POS system with NO UP-FRONT COSTS! 


Harbortouch hardware, software and payment technology are all compliant with new PCI rules


Free hardware, software, training and installation


Your only cost is a monthly service fee


Try a Harbortouch POS system at your business risk-free for 60 days

 * 24/7 SUPPORT

Harbortouch offrs in-house cusotmer service and technical supposrt 24 hours a day, seven days a week


For as long as you are a customer, Harbortouch will replace your POS system if it ever breaks or malfunctions, at no additional cost

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